If you are considering leaving money to a local charity in your will we recommend that you speak to your solicitor who will be able to guide you through the process.
Please note: Whilst we have done our best to simplify and condense the information we have collated, we strongly recommend that you visit the following two Government websites;

Give As You Earn
If you are an employee ‘Give as You Earn’ is the most tax effective way to make regular donations. Under the scheme, you make a donation tax-free from your gross salary to any cause of your choice. This means that if you’re a basic-rate taxpayer pledging say £10 a month, it will only cost you £7.80.
Besides donating from your gross pay, there are also other ways of donating money to charity via the Give As You Earn scheme.

Company schemes
Ask your payroll manager if your company has a scheme in place. Even if it hasn’t, they are very easy and inexpensive to set up. Alternatively you can find out whether your employer is registered from the CAF website or call the helpline on 01732 520 055.

Gift Aid
If you’re self-employed or want to make a one-off donation or react to an appeal, Gift Aid is the best choice. It allows a charity to reclaim the basic-rate tax on donations made by UK taxpayers from the Inland Revenue. In addition, higher rate taxpayers can claim 18% tax relief on the gross amount of the donation, meaning that the donation costs them less.

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