Feb 262016

Feb 26

www.parliament.uk have published the following story:

Welfare reforms risk leading people into severe hardship, report finds – News from Parliament – UK Parliament”

The Work and Pensions Committee’s report on the local welfare safety net says central and local government must co-ordinate better to fill gaps in the welfare safety net and prevent severe hardship and destitution.”


This prompted us to remind people of the amazing effort of hundreds of volunteers last year to create the Bare Necessities film – unfortunately the film we made last year is as relevant now as it was then.

Please share, post and tweet. This information, this story cannot be told, shared and published too many times

“The Advice & Community Hub and HFS supported by over 200 incredible volunteers have created an amazing film highlighting the cuts in Local Welfare Assistance Grant funding. The film was made with ZERO budget and could not have been made without the incredibly generous support of film makers, sound recordists, choirs, a local social enterprise cinema, a local pub, carpet company and various other volunteers. At our launch event……

  • People sat on free cinema seats, with the venue provided free by the Electric Palace Cinema, High Street Hastings

1 2

  • People walked to the Electric Palace along a red carpet (actually non slip industrial vinyl very kindly donated by Kileys Karpets, St Leonards)

3 4

  • People watched a film recorded by, and on equipment kindly provided by kneecap media

5 6

  • People watched a film starring Si, Jessica and Harry who kindly gave their time for free (well apart from Jess and Harry who were bribed, sorry, provided with sweets fruit)


  • People listened to the sound kindly recorded by, and on equipment provided by Casper from Surfhunter Music


  • People listened to the music and voices arranged by Debbie Warren and sung by Soundwaves, Harmony One, Hastings Town Singers and Brighton City Singers choirs.


  • People mingled after the screenings at The Jenny Lind who very kindly provided a sectioned area, and arranged the space and facilities for free

11 12

  • People were bestowed with awards very kindly designed and put together by staff and learners from the BHT Finding Futures Project

13 14 15

  • People kindly gave their time to attend the event and leave comments, including Peter Chowney, Leader of Hastings Borough Council

16 18 17

We would really appreciate it if you would not only watch the film but to tweet, facebook and share it everywhere. This film will be part of a national campaign. PLEASE don’t forget to put the hashtag#KeepTheSafetyNet.


We made the campaign film…… https://youtu.be/Ftf5nIG9LaY

And a Making Of film….. https://youtu.be/eBUV0pxy434

The second behind the scenes film tells the story of how the film came to be made, and the incredibly generous people who helped make it all possible, please do watch both and share, share, share.

Finally a quote from the person behind the inspiration for the film, Jo Wilson……

“Local Welfare Assistance Fund was brought in just over two years ago after Community Care Grants and Crisis loans were removed. Government gave some monies to Local Authorities but the money was not ring fenced. Next year the Local Welfare Assistance will be no more, and there are currently no plans to replace it. I didn’t need any more reason to feel passionately about trying to do something about this issue, but then the Chief Exec of Hastings Furniture Service told me what happened during one of their deliveries to a family who had just been moved into a property, they had no furniture, the delivery people were taking the bed frames and mattresses into the children’s rooms and the mother just stood in the hallway crying. The delivery people thought they had done something wrong so as they left they asked if she was ok, the woman replied “I was only expecting bedframes and mattresses but you brought duvets and pillows as-well which means I can tuck my children in to bed tonight”. So if my begging and pleading doesn’t get you tweeting and facebooking I hope this true story will.”

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